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British Percheron

Horse Breeders

Barnwell Percherons

Robert and Linda Chapman
Tel: +44 1832 720276

The Percheron Horse came into our lives in 1991 in the form of Lawrence, who visited the farm to demonstrate the carting of sheaves for Threshing at a Vintage rally we held. That was it. I am afraid the breed seems to eat their way into your heart and we cannot stop collecting them.

We use our Percherons for many disciplines from breeding, riding, showing, driving, ploughing, and harrowing to more recently, cross country driving trials.

We like all the variations of Percheron, from the smaller French type through to the taller, leggier Canadian. They all have a part to play in promoting such a kind, willing and versatile breed.

We are not large scale breeders but want to play our part in increasing the number of pure bred Percherons in this country.

Enquiries welcome.

Corringham Queenie with foal at foot

Corringham Queenie
with foal at foot

Barnwell Brigadier

Barnwell Brigadier

Robert Chapman Senior & Robert Chapman Junior with Agricultural single turnout

Robert Chapman Snr & Robert Chapman Jnr
with Agricultural single turnout

Lynside Count

Lynside Count B1865 b. 1992