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British Percheron

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Hales Percherons

E. Garner & Sons
Hales Farm
Green Street

Tel: +44 1954 261475

Stallion Standing at Stud

Ryan Day's Stewart
Sire: Lone Oak Phantom - Dam: Black Satin Lyn
Colour Black - Born 1st July 1998.

Ryan Day's Stewart, who comes from a long line of champions, was imported from Canada to stand at the Hales Stud. He was bred by one of the foremost Canadian breeders. An ideal sire to produce good pure-bred Percherons, this free-moving stallion of good temperament can also produce quality sport horses when crossed with light horses.

Four generations of the Garner family have been involved with Percherons, and the family have a wealth of experience in horse breeding.

Hales Uni and Hales Xanthus are just two of the quality mares bred by E Garner & Sons and have taken many show championships either in-hand or in turnout classes. The Hales stud occasionally has young stock for sale and will welcome your enquiries.

Hales Xanthus

Hales Xanthus
Royal Show, first and champion single turnout
Photograph © Keith Curtis

Hales Uni

Hales Uni,
Supreme Equine Champion
at the Royal Show 2004

Ryan Day's Stewart

Ryan Day's Stewart
Stallion Standing at Stud