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Welcome to the British Percheron Horse Society

British Percheron horses are majestic and beautiful. Thought to have come to England in the days of William the Conqueror the Percheron has played a major role throughout history and is still a working horse as well as being ridden for pleasure.


The British Percherons Horse Society was founded to encourage the breeding of a draught horse that was powerful, active, good tempered, easy to handle, and was an excellent work horse. The Society continues to work today as we make progress in our breeding programme and the show ring.

Passports & Registrations

Equine ID Passports (Percheron & Non-Percheron)

We are a DEFRA authorised Passport Issuing Organisation for any type of un-registered horse as well as Pure and Part Bred Percherons.


The Percheron remains one of the favourite heavy horse breeds in the UK. It is an amenable, energetic, and elegant breed that can be used for heavy draft or for riding. You will have seen Percherons at the Queen's funeral being ridden by the Police, and they are used by certain Local Authorities as an alternative to lorries.

With their easy going character, and willingness to work, the Percheron has become popular for competing in obstacle driving and skill tests.

Percheron Horse

Become a Member

You do not have to own a Percheron or any other breed of horse in order to become a member of the Society, but you will be helping to preserve the Percheron breed.